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We beginnen met een analyse van het gedrag van je paard

This will be followed by tailor-made advice for the training


At location

I come to your location to get to know you and your horse.

Or book an online consultation via the heading "online consultation"

First meeting and analysis on location €65 Second meeting with complete training advice for behavioral rehabilitation €65 Single training unit with you € 30,- • excluding travel costs, from 20 km outside Winschoten € 0.25 per kilometer

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Train your horse for behavioral rehabilitation

Have your horse trained to solve or prevent persistent problems. I prepare your horse optimally as a reliable partner for you. I would like to involve you in this and introduce you to the world as a horse trainer.

Your horse must of course be healthy and vaccinated before it goes into training. Training is from 4 years old. Younger horses cannot break even if it is purely behavioral training. The duration depends on the behavior and goal for the training. At least 3 months. €140 per week The price includes accommodation with full board on a Paddock Paradise.

Good training starts with good housing

A (good) Paddock Paradise is, according to the latest research and standards, the most natural and therefore friendliest form of posture for horses. Horses move 16 hours a day at a slow pace in search of feed. In a wet and densely populated country like the Netherlands, this is almost impossible to achieve. A paddock with a track system comes close.

The horses have several feeding areas where dry hay is available at all times. The horses alternate frequently between feeding and watering places and thus keep themselves moving. This is necessary for their urge and need for exercise. The trees and dry sand provide natural shelter and comfortable places to relax, lie down and sleep together.

A horse that is allowed to fulfill its own needs at its own times is a balanced horse and can only then be fully trained. Is your horse not used to life outside? Then he/she needs about 3 weeks of decompression time to get used to it. There are (with medical exceptions) no horses that cannot live on an outdoor track system. Horses are resilient animals, made for life outside in a herd.

Box position is an outdated system and has more disadvantages than advantages for the health and happiness of your horse. We can only make a box available in extreme cases and for medical reasons.

Je trainer

knowledgeable and professional

Put your horse in good hands.
As a trainer and behavioral expert, I have a professional and scientific background. I train horses not only because I've been doing it for so long, but also because I continuously educate myself and continue to learn - from
reliable, international sources and the latest and highest standards of ethics.

For me, the health and happiness of your horse always comes first.

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“Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything.
Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

Paulo Coelho



Carolina thinks ahead, is creative and provides new insights.

She now works with my 2 year old and I am pleasantly surprised about her knowledge and skills, she is also a nice person to work with. Definitely recommended!"



Province of Groningen & Drenthe

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