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Behavioral consultation

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Give your questions and problems a place.

Insight and understanding into your relationship with your horse.

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Call me to get professional advice, express your concerns and look for new solutions.

Building your relationship with your horse together, in a single conversation or a project for support and guidance on your path to the best owner your horse can have.

Consultation in three languages
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Driven by my passion, I have worked and trained with horses since my early childhood. I was allowed to get to know many different approaches and I was able to find and create my own style. ​ In Germany I learned the art of Natural Horsemanship. In Spain I was allowed to look behind the scenes of horse breeding. In Italy I guided horseback riding and gave riding lessons. In the Netherlands I studied applied psychology, I obtained the Reiki grade 2 with specialization for animals and further develop myself as an Equine Bodyworker. Since October 2021 I am trained as a systemic horse coach. Since June 2022 I study at the ATN Academy for Horse Behavior Consultant. ​ My greatest teachers have always been the horses. Without support from my background, I started working at riding schools as a child to earn my riding. And later as a permanent co-rider and stable worker in different countries and at different satbles, I always had those horses that were "not easy". Young horses, old horses, sick horses and also stallions. I got the chance to train and guide young horses as well. From that arose my passion for working on the hand and from the ground. Here you meet a horse at the same level and therefore also yourself. I offer you a broad expertise filled with both: hands-on experience from different backgrounds and well-founded knowlegde from years of professional and personal study of psychology, biology and ethology.

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